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yukina-愛言葉-ai-kotoba-short-ver-歌ってみた 【yukina】 愛言葉 / Ai Kotoba (short ver) 【歌ってみた】 Play
ai-kotoba-short-vers-cover 「Ai Kotoba」 Short Vers Cover Play
ai-kotoba-short-ver-kurimucream Ai Kotoba *short ver*[KurimuCREAM] Play
railant-愛言葉-ai-kotoba-acoustic-short-ver 【railant】 愛言葉 Ai Kotoba -acoustic short ver- Play
ai-kotoba-cover-shōnen-t-キリト-mp4 Ai Kotoba (Cover Shōnen-T) 「キリト」+ Mp4 Play
少年t-愛言葉-ai-kotoba-piano-ver-歌ってみた-shounent-ai-kotoba-pl 【少年T】 愛言葉 (ai kotoba) -piano ver- 【歌ってみた】 (ShounenT- Ai kotoba) PL Play
愛言葉-acoustic-を歌ってみた-暗黒-thank-you-for-200-subs 『 愛言葉-acoustic-』を歌ってみた【暗黒】THANK YOU FOR 200 SUBS! Play
happy-v-lentines-day-ai-kotoba-モミチ-cover-short Happy V ♥lentines day! Ai kotoba- モミチ cover [short] Play
愛原まな-愛言葉-歌ってみた 【愛原まな】愛言葉Ⅱ【歌ってみた】 Play
ai-kotoba-acoustic-ver-short-cover-penguin-thank-you-for-50-subs Ai Kotoba -acoustic ver- (Short Cover) [Penguin] ♥ THANK YOU FOR 50+ SUBS! ♥ Play
愛言葉-short-ver-daidou 【愛言葉 short ver】DAIDOU Play
one ONE - Mirai【DEMO MV】【Short Ver】【Subtitel Indonesia + Lirik】 Play
yukina yukina - lands of neverending (demo ver) Play
ai-kotoba-short-cover-keyz Ai kotoba Short Cover [KEYZ] Play
yukina-borderland-short-ver-歌ってみた 【yukina】 Borderland (short ver) 【歌ってみた】 Play
yuka-delusion-tax-妄想税 【Yuka】Delusion Tax / 妄想税 Play
mssok-and-narea-гимн-stb-gangnam-style-parody-2012 【MsSok and Narea】- Гимн STB 【Gangnam Style PARODY】 ‖2012‖ Play
ai-kotoba-ii-short-derp Ai Kotoba II short derp - Tune O U O;;(aka promo for this thingy) Play
jpn-cover-ai-kotoba-snazz-tv-size-acoustic-2015 『JPN Cover』 "Ai Kotoba" 【Snazz】 「TV Size Acoustic」 [2015] Play
utau-カバー-ai-kotoba-ryoshin-aiko 【UTAU カバー】 Ai Kotoba 【Ryoshin Aiko】 Play
cover-ai-kotoba [COVER] Ai Kotoba - Arrange version {BellaSayuriCover} Play
j-rock-yukina 「J-Rock」yukina - Graveyard Memory Play
stb-yukina 【STB】Yukina - Days (Russian cover link in the description) Play
ai-kotoba-愛言葉-original-pv-acoustic-duet-cover-by-phil-kaiiku-and-sunne "Ai Kotoba / 愛言葉"〔Original PV〕Acoustic Duet Cover by Phil Kaiiku and Sunne Play
birthday-song-for-ari-vocal-cover-yukina-camellia-tenshi-polka-felya-aono-jully 「Birthday Song for Ari!」Vocal Cover 【yukina Camellia Tenshi Polka Felya Aono Jully】 Play
miku-hatsune Miku Hatsune - Leads (DIVA mix) Play
utau-ai-kotoba-aoitorine-fuyu-anniversary-release-voicebank-download 【UTAU】Ai Kotoba【Aoitorine Fuyu】ANNIVERSARY RELEASE + VOICEBANK DOWNLOAD Play
higurashi-no-naku-koro-ni-thanks-you-track-16-eternity Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Thanks/You Track 16: Eternity Play
utau-cover-ponponpon-tomitaki-kenta (UTAU Cover) PONPONPON (Tomitaki Kenta) Play
utau-愛言葉-ai-kotoba-kuru-chu 【UTAU】 愛言葉 [Ai-Kotoba] 【Kuru★Chu】 Play
vocaloid-cover-henohenomoheji 【Vocaloid cover】 Henohenomoheji - Kocchi Muite Baby and Ai Kotoba Play
初音ミク-愛言葉を歌ってみた-カナver 初音ミク-愛言葉を歌ってみた 【カナver】 Play
yukina-forever-blue-歌ってみた 【yukina】 Forever Blue 【歌ってみた】 Play
jpop-oricon-weekly-chart-top-25-week-43-2015-10-26 Jpop Oricon Weekly Chart Top 25 Week 43 [ 2015/10/26 ] Play
mafumafu-初恋の絵本-hatsukoi-no-ehon-another-story-sub-indonesia 【Mafumafu】 − 初恋の絵本 『Hatsukoi no Ehon -another story- 』 Sub Indonesia Play
6900000000-ver-リリアン-歌ってみた 6900000000 『ver リリアン ✿』 歌ってみた Play
demo-utau-synth-newcomer-coward-montblanc-雪音-アンヂ-yukine-andi 【DEMO UTAU-synth Newcomer】 Coward Montblanc【雪音 アンヂ Yukine Andi】 Play
hatsune-miku-helium Hatsune Miku (Helium) - Ai Kotoba Play
english-cover-answer-yukine雪音 【English Cover】Answer「Yukine雪音」 Play
yukina-glory-kimi-ga-iru-kara-tv-size-official-russian-dub 【yukina】GLORY -Kimi ga Iru Kara (TV Size)【Official Russian dub】 Play
yuka-close-to-you-short-ver-vocalovers [Yuka] Close to You -short ver- [Vocalovers] Play
masha-no-logic-vocaloid-rus-cover-hbd-aiko 【Masha】No Logic (Vocaloid RUS cover) [HBD Aiko] Play
愛言葉-piano-arrange-歌ってみた-ハネ 愛言葉~Piano [email protected]歌ってみた:ハネ Play
utauカバー-vb-release-merry-christmas-my-hero-maria 【UTAUカバー + VB release】 Merry Christmas My Hero 【Maria】 Play
narea-mekakucity-actors-ene-cm-01-rus 【Narea】 Mekakucity Actors -Ene CM 01 [rus] Play
dj-saolilith-愛言葉-8-prince-bitter-remix-word-love-8-prince-bitter-remix DJ Saolilith 愛言葉 (8# Prince Bitter Remix) (Word Love (8 # Prince Bitter Remix)) Play
v-flower-v4-sacred-spear-explosion-boy 【v Flower V4】 Sacred Spear Explosion Boy - 聖槍爆裂ボーイ 【VOCALOID4カバー】 Play
kocchi-muite-baby-mizuki-ver 【Kocchi Muite Baby】『Mizuki Ver』 Play
utau-masked-bitch-iine-neko-demo-cover 【UTAU】Masked bitcH【Iine Neko DEMO】 cover Play
rib-itou-kashitarou-kami-no-manimani 【Rib×Itou Kashitarou】Kami No Manimani - Romaji Play
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