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babymetal-on-tbs-newsbird-hedoban-2015-interview-with-english-subs BABYMETAL on TBS NewsBird / Hedoban 2015 Interview with ENGLISH SUBS Play
babymetal-interview-in-japan-metal-hammer Babymetal Interview in Japan | Metal Hammer Play
babymetal-vogue-japan-women-of-the-year-2015-special-interview BABYMETAL VOGUE JAPAN Women of the Year 2015 Special Interview Play
exclusive-babymetal-answer-personal-questions-on-japan-radio-english-sub 【Exclusive】 BABYMETAL Answer Personal Questions on Japan Radio (English Sub) Play
japanese-subtitle-edition-babymetal (JAPANESE SUBTITLE EDITION) BABYMETAL - METAL RESISTANCE Album Review 日本語字幕付 Play
anti-idol-japan-s-beautifully-bonkers-pop-movement Anti-Idol: Japan's Beautifully Bonkers Pop Movement Play
eng-sub-babymetal-perform-kawaii-death-growls-on-japan-radio [ENG Sub] BABYMETAL Perform Kawaii Death Growls on Japan Radio Play
babymetal-is-metal-sacrilege-babymetal-review BABYMETAL IS METAL SACRILEGE! (Babymetal Review) Play
babymetal BABYMETAL - Remember That Time I Interview Play
babymetal-reveal-their-3-favourite-songs-from-metal-resistance Babymetal reveal their 3 favourite songs from 'Metal Resistance' Play
ntv-スッキリ-slipknot-インタヒ-ュー-リハ映像 NTV スッキリ!! Slipknot インタビュー&リハ映像 Play
hikakin-report-and-interview-with-babymetal-at-makuhari-messe-alternative-subtitles Hikakin report and interview with BABYMETAL at Makuhari Messe (Alternative Subtitles) Play
babymetal BABYMETAL - cutest headbangers on the planet Play
babymetal-short-karate-guitar-cover-and-interview-with-tbs-newsbird-alternative-subtitles BABYMETAL Short "Karate" Guitar Cover and Interview with TBS Newsbird (Alternative Subtitles) Play
babymetal-explain-why-they-recorded-the-one-in-english Babymetal Explain Why They Recorded The One In English Play
babymetal-discuss-their-first-performance-ever Babymetal Discuss Their First Performance Ever Play
babymetal-on-record BABYMETAL: On Record Play
babymetal-new-solo-kamiband-yava-live-at-ssa-tokio-2017 BABYMETAL-New Solo KAMIBAND/YAVA! (live at SSA Tokio 2017) Play
babymetal-on-metal-resistance-wembley-awadama-fever Babymetal on 'Metal Resistance' Wembley + 'Awadama Fever' Play
babymetal-ijime-dame-zettai-live-request-reaction Babymetal | Ijime Dame Zettai (LIVE) (REQUEST/REACTION!) Play
babymetal BABYMETAL - Yui Come Back Play
babymetal-speaking-english-in-interviews-2015 BABYMETAL speaking English in interviews 2015 Play
yuimetal-was-lost-in-meditation-at-an-interview-babymetal YUIMETAL was lost in meditation at an interview [BABYMETAL] Play
babymetal BABYMETAL - Twitch Stream [04/04/2016] Play
ladybaby-ニッポン饅頭-nippon-manju-music-clip LADYBABY "ニッポン饅頭 / Nippon manju "Music Clip Play
babymetal-s-guide-to-america-part-1-food-and-fashion BABYMETAL's Guide to America Part 1: Food and Fashion Play
babymetal-and-rob-halford BABYMETAL and Rob Halford - Painkiller Breaking The Law Play
babymetal-is-yuimetal-out-of-the-group Babymetal: Is Yuimetal Out of the Group? Play
babymetal-interview-on-metal-their-music-playing-in-america-metal-injection BABYMETAL Interview on Metal Their Music Playing in America | Metal Injection Play
babymetal-su-metal-interview-english-subs BABYMETAL SU-METAL Interview (English Subs) Play
babymetal-rep-responds-to-yuimetal-s-absence Babymetal Rep Responds to Yuimetal's Absence Play
babymetal-speaking-english-in-interviews-compilation-2016 BABYMETAL speaking English in interviews [Compilation 2016] Play
3-minutes-with-babymetal-metal-hammer 3 Minutes With Babymetal | Metal Hammer Play
babymetal Babymetal - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? Play
north-americans-react-to-babymetal-老外看蘿莉金屬-doki-doki-morning-road-of-resistance-megitsune North Americans React to BABYMETAL | 老外看蘿莉金屬 (Doki Doki Morning Road of Resistance Megitsune) Play
is-it-weird-to-like-babymetal Is It Weird To Like BABYMETAL? Play
babymetal-view-from-the-queue-metal-hammer Babymetal: View From The Queue | Metal Hammer Play
babymetal-on-rise-to-fame-heavy-metal-fighting-bullying BabyMetal on Rise to Fame Heavy Metal + Fighting Bullying Play
babymetal-akatsuki-evolution BABYMETAL | Akatsuki Evolution Play
babymetal-we-want-to-teach-metallica-our-dance-moves Babymetal: "We Want To Teach Metallica Our Dance Moves" Play
babymetal BABYMETAL - Distortion New release Play
babymetal-on-mezamashi-tv "BABYMETAL" on Mezamashi TV - Fuji TV Play
babymetal BABYMETAL - Onedari Daisakusen [English subtitles] | Live Compilation Play
babymetal BABYMETAL - My First HEAVY METAL in TOKYO 2012 Play
kerry-king-at-marty-friedman-s-japanese-show Kerry King at Marty Friedman's Japanese Show Play
best-japanese-bands-you-need-to-be-listening-to-a-reaction-review-part-3 Best Japanese Bands you need to be listening to | A Reaction/Review Part 3 Play
mergingmoon-interview-on-anthony-bourdain-parts-unknown MergingMoon Interview on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Play
babymetal-tattoo-lyric-video BABYMETAL | Tattoo Lyric Video Play
babymetal BABYMETAL - DISTORTION (Full Cover by Piotr Galiński) Play
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