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teaser-ken-켄-vixx-빅스-the-late-regret-늦은-후회 [Teaser] Ken(켄)(VIXX(빅스)) _ The Late Regret(늦은 후회) Play
mv-ken-켄-vixx-빅스-the-late-regret-늦은-후회 [MV] Ken(켄)(VIXX(빅스)) _ The Late Regret(늦은 후회) Play
ken-vixx Ken (VIXX) - The Late Regret (늦은 후회) [HAN|ROM|ENG] Lyrics Play
ken-vixx Ken (VIXX) - 'The Late Regret' (늦은 후회) Lirik [SUB INDO] (Color Coded Indo_Rom_Han_가사_Lyrics) Play
the-late-regret-늦은-후회 The Late Regret (늦은 후회) - Ken (VIXX) [Han/Rom/Eng] Play
ken-vixx Ken (VIXX) - The Late Regret (늦은 후회) LYRICS (Color Coded Eng_Rom_Han_가사) Play
audio-켄-빅스 [Audio] 켄(빅스) - 늦은 후회 Ken(VIXX) Play
ken-vixx Ken (VIXX) - The Late Regret [Han/Eng Lyrics] Play
teaser-vixx-빅스 [Teaser] VIXX(빅스) - Is It Love? (Making ver)(사랑인걸까?) Play
vertical-ken-켄-vixx-빅스 [VERTICAL] Ken(켄) VIXX(빅스) - 'The Late Regret(늦은 후회)' Lyrics 가사 (Han/Rom/Eng) Play
audio-ken-켄-vixx-빅스-the-late-regret-늦은-후회-mp3 [AUDIO] Ken(켄)(VIXX(빅스)) _ The Late Regret(늦은 후회) Mp3 Play
송하예-song-haye 송하예(Song Haye) - 뒤늦은 후회(Late Regrets) [Mysterious Personal Shopper OST 6] (Sub espa + Hang/Roma) Play
ken-켄-vixx-빅스-the-late-regret-늦은-후회-피아노-커버-piano-cover Ken(켄)(VIXX(빅스)) _ The Late Regret(늦은 후회) 피아노 커버 piano cover Play
ken-켄-vixx-빅스-the-late-regret-늦은-후회-romaji-lyrics Ken(켄)(VIXX(빅스)) _ The Late Regret(늦은 후회) / Romaji Lyrics Play
vixx-reincarnation-m-v-official-teaser VIXX 「Reincarnation」 M/V Official Teaser Play
ken-from-vixx-covers-here-after-us-reaction Ken from Vixx covers Here After Us Reaction Play
강성연-bobo 강성연 (BoBo) - 늦은 후회 (Late Regret) (MV) Play
켄-빅스-ken-vixx 켄(빅스) KEN(VIXX) - 늦은 후회 ☆10번 반복 듣기☆ Play
suggestion-saturday-reaction-an-un-helpful-guide-to-vixx-cnutbutrjelly SUGGESTION SATURDAY REACTION | an (un)helpful guide to vixx | CNUTBUTRJELLY Play
林俊傑-jj-lin-背對背擁抱-back-to-back-cover-by-빅스-vixx 林俊傑(JJ Lin) ‘背對背擁抱(Back to Back)’ cover by 빅스(VIXX) - 혁(Hyuk) Play
singer-reacts-to Singer Reacts To - 빅스(VIXX) Play
teaser-1-bigflo-빅플로-bigflo-5th-mini-album [Teaser 1] BIGFLO(빅플로) _ BIGFLO 5th Mini Album Play
is-everything-okay-with-vixx-ken-meme-version IS EVERYTHING OKAY WITH VIXX KEN??? (MEME VERSION) Play
new-k-pop-songs-august-2018-week-2 NEW K-POP SONGS | AUGUST 2018 (WEEK 2) Play
thaisub-karaoke-vixx [Thaisub+Karaoke] VIXX - Is This Love? (Are You Human Too? OST Part1) Play
켄-vixx 켄 (VIXX) - 늦은 후회 (with 정동환) Special Clip Play
leo-touch-and-sketch-crack-reaction leo touch and sketch CRACK reaction Play
ken-vixx Ken (VIXX) - What Do You Want [Sub Español + Eng Sub + Han + Rom] Tofu Personified OST Part 2 LYRICS Play
vixx-reincarnation-music-video-short-edit VIXX 「Reincarnation」 Music Video (Short Edit) Play
vixx-빅스 VIXX (빅스) - SCENTIST (향) | Dance cover by Black Soul Play
req-2-how-would-shinee-sing-my-valentine-vixx-line-distribution-color-coded [Req #2] How Would: SHINEE Sing MY VALENTINE (VIXX) Line Distribution (Color Coded) Play
켄ken-빅스vixx 켄Ken (빅스VIXX) - 뭘 원해? What Do You Want? [두부의 의인화Tofu Personified OST Part 2] Lyrics Play
켄-ken-fast-er-view-두부의-의인화-촬영-현장 켄(KEN) FAST-ER-VIEW [두부의 의인화 촬영 현장] Play
ravi-vixx RAVI (VIXX) - ADORABLE (feat Yang Yoseob of Highlight) [HAN|ROM|ENG] Color Coded Lyrics Play
mv-up10tion-업텐션-so-beautiful [MV] UP10TION(업텐션) _ So Beautiful Play
vixx vixx - crack #1 Play
빅스lr-vixx-lr 빅스LR (VIXX LR) - Beautiful Liar MV Reaction [GUYS I ALMOST DIED] Play
aster ASTER - CHAMPAGNE(Feat 雨) Play
vixx-leo VIXX LEO - Gesture Han|Rom|Eng Color Coded Lyrics Play
2016-월간-윤종신-5월호-윤종신-jong-shin-yoon [2016 월간 윤종신 5월호] 윤종신 (Jong Shin Yoon) - 늦잠 (OVER SLEEP) (With 켄 of VIXX) MV Play
m-v-mc-sniper-mc-스나이퍼 [M/V] MC SNIPER(MC 스나이퍼) - SKYFALL (feat 소낙별) Play
레오-leo-1st-mini-album-commentary-teaser 레오(LEO) 1st MINI ALBUM Commentary Teaser Play
teaser-nam-woo-hyun-남우현-if-only-you-are-fine-너만-괜찮다면-long-ver [Teaser] Nam Woo Hyun(남우현) _ “If only you are fine(너만 괜찮다면)” (Long ver) Play
arabic-sub-i-want-to-fall-in-love Arabic Sub: I Want to Fall in LOVE - VIXX Ken and Choi Sangyeop Play
레오-leo 레오(LEO) - 'Touch and Sketch' Official M/V Play
레오-leo-canvas-concept-film-and-jacket-making-film 레오(LEO) [CANVAS] Concept Film and Jacket Making Film Play
vixx-leo-빅스-레오 VIXX LEO (빅스 레오) - 'Touch and Sketch' Lyrics 가사 [Color Coded Han/rom/Eng] Play
imfact Imfact - Na Na Na (나나나) MV [English Subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD Play
teaser-god-saturday-night [Teaser] god _ Saturday Night Play
arabic-sub-us-now Arabic Sub : Us Now - VIXX Play
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