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unbiased-gear-review UNBIASED GEAR REVIEW - Legator Ninja 300-Pro Fanned Fret 6-string Guitar Play
legator-guitars Legator Guitars - NAMM 2017 | GEAR GODS Play
legator-guitars-opus-tradition-300-pro LEGATOR GUITARS Opus Tradition 300 Pro - The GEAR GODS Review Play
legator-ninja-200-se-fan-fret-7-string-review-gear-gods LEGATOR Ninja 200-SE Fan Fret 7 String Review | GEAR GODS Play
multiscale-fanned-fret-legator-unboxing Multiscale Fanned Fret Legator Unboxing Play
legator-guitars Legator Guitars - Summer NAMM 2015 Play
namm-2016 NAMM 2016 - Legator Guitars' New Fan Fret Models | GEAR GODS Play
gear-review Gear Review - Legator Guitars Ghost GHB6 Standard Headless Guitar Play
josh-travis-glass-cloud-talks-legator-guitars-and-emg-pickups Josh Travis (Glass Cloud) talks Legator guitars and EMG Pickups Play
legator-ninja-nrfa-multi-scale-8-string-review Legator Ninja NRFA Multi Scale 8-String Review Play
unbiased-gear-review UNBIASED GEAR REVIEW - Starshine 8-string Play
my-brand-new-guitar-legator-nrf300 My BRAND NEW GUITAR!!!! Legator NRF300 Play
legator-ninja-r-300-pro-7-string-guitar-review-song-at-the-end Legator Ninja R-300 Pro 7 string guitar Review + Song at the end Play
sub-500-guitar-challenge-legator-ninja-100 Sub $500 Guitar Challenge: Legator Ninja 100 Play
summer-namm-2015 Summer NAMM 2015 - LEGATOR GUITARS' Most Affordable Model Yet | GEAR GODS Play
legator-ghost-8 Legator Ghost 8 - "Hibang" Play
namm-2015 NAMM 2015 - LEGATOR Guitars | GEAR GODS Play
legator-ninja-200-se-8-full-mix-demo Legator Ninja 200-SE 8 (FULL MIX DEMO) Play
new-guitar-day-legator-n7-200-test New Guitar Day! Legator N7-200 Test - Andrew Baena Play
legator-guitars-레가토-기타 Legator Guitars 레가토 기타 Play
igor-efimov-demonstrates-the-ninja-300-pro-from-legator-guitars Igor Efimov demonstrates the Ninja 300-PRO from Legator Guitars Play
review-of-legator-guitars-ninja-pro-series-bass Review of Legator Guitars' Ninja Pro Series Bass Play
legator Legator - guitar endorsement (Ninja 300-PRO 7-String) Play
mike-gianelli Mike Gianelli - Isotope (9 string Play
joe-cocchi-and-john-winters-presents-legator-guitars Joe Cocchi and John Winters presents Legator guitars Play
slipknot Slipknot - The Devil In I (Guitar Cover) Play
my-legator-guitars My Legator Guitars Play
legator-guitars Legator Guitars - Ninja R 100-PE Fanned-Fret review with @ twitchtv/Wr4thTV Play
guitar-legator-ninja-100-series-8-string-review Guitar Legator ninja 100 series 8 string (REVIEW) Play
legator-guitars-namm-2016 Legator Guitars Namm 2016 Play
my-first-8-string-guitar-riff My First 8 String Guitar Riff Play
my-new-signature-guitar MY NEW SIGNATURE GUITAR Play
insane-legator-guitar-playthrough Insane Legator guitar playthrough Play
legator-ghost-guitar-6-string-fanned-fret-multiscale-demo-review Legator Ghost Guitar 6 String Fanned Fret Multiscale Demo / Review Play
oceans-ate-alaska-vultures-and-sharks-guitar-play-through Oceans Ate Alaska "Vultures and Sharks" Guitar Play Through Play
legator-guitars-namm-2014 Legator Guitars NAMM 2014 Play
legator-ghost-8-string-demo-periphery LEGATOR Ghost 8-String Demo [Periphery - "Four Lights"] | ANDREW BENT Play
unboxing-my-first-8-string UNBOXING MY FIRST 8 STRING Play
namm-2014-legator-guitars NAMM 2014: Legator Guitars Play
legator-guitars-review-shred-improvisation-demonstration Legator Guitars review shred Improvisation demonstration Play
glass-cloud Glass Cloud - I Dug A Grave (Legator Guitars Edition) Play
prey-the-fox-legator-guitars-unboxing-check-it-out Prey the Fox // Legator Guitars unboxing!!!! Check it out! Play
mike-gianelli Mike Gianelli - Imprinter (9 string Play
namm-2015 NAMM 2015 - Legator Guitars Play
berried-alive-legator-ninja-rx-350-demo BERRIED ALIVE | LEGATOR NINJA RX-350 DEMO Play
legator-artist-dylan-furr-demos-the-helio-350-acoustic-guitar Legator Artist Dylan Furr demos the Helio 350 Acoustic Guitar Play
ramon-ortiz-s-corozo-mountain-hammer-outro-on-legator-ninjanra8 Ramon Ortiz s Corozo/Mountain Hammer outro on Legator NinjaNRA8 Play
guitar-gear-demo-legator-ninja-n8-200 Guitar Gear Demo: Legator Ninja N8-200 Play
legator-helio-350-acoustic-guitar-performed-by-dylan-furr Legator Helio 350 Acoustic Guitar performed by Dylan Furr Play
dylan-furr-flex-legator-helio-acoustic-guitar-demo Dylan Furr "Flex" Legator Helio Acoustic Guitar Demo Play
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