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10-unforgettable-james-hetfield-moments 10 Unforgettable James Hetfield Moments Play
metallica Metallica - James Hetfield Crowd and Guitars in Amazing Harmony Play
metallica-guitar-talk-with-james Metallica: Guitar Talk with James Play
metallica-s-james-hetfield-at-guitar-center Metallica's James Hetfield At Guitar Center Play
james-hetfield-starts-playing-wrong-intro James Hetfield Starts Playing Wrong Intro - FadeToOne (Funny Fail 2016) Play
metallica-james-new-guitar-from-the-garage-days Metallica: James' New Guitar from the "Garage Days" Play
dave-mustaine-on-james-hetfield-s-guitar-playing Dave Mustaine On James Hetfield's Guitar Playing Play
james-hetfield-pyrotechnic-accident-1992-montreal-720p James Hetfield Pyrotechnic Accident 1992 Montreal 720p Play
james-hetfield-insane-scream-and-amazing-voice-metallica-worldwired-tour-2018 James Hetfield insane scream and amazing voice Metallica worldwired tour 2018 Play
james-hetfield-being-awesome James Hetfield being awesome! Play
james-hetfield James Hetfield - Great answer to a fan question Play
20-metallica-guitar-riffs-not-by-james-hetfield-tabs 20 Metallica guitar riffs NOT by James Hetfield (+TABS) Play
james-hetfield-interview-but-it-s-awkward-metallica James Hetfield interview but it's AWKWARD | Metallica Play
james-hetfield-live-solos-and-harmonies James Hetfield Live Solos And Harmonies Play
james-hetfield-opens-up-on-his-childhood-and-cliff-burton-s-tragic-death James Hetfield Opens Up On His ChildHood And Cliff Burton's Tragic Death Play
emg-james-hetfield-het-set-demo-review-the-best-emg-pickups EMG James Hetfield Het Set Demo/Review || The Best EMG Pickups?? Play
james-hetfield-being-a-mess-for-2-minutes James hetfield being a mess for 2 minutes Play
james-hetfield-on-the-rules-he-had-to-set-up-after-his-time-in-rehab James Hetfield On The Rules He Had To Set Up After His Time In Rehab Play
james-hetfield-solos James Hetfield Solos Play
the-mysterious-bandana-of-james-hetfield-from-metallica-ya-know The mysterious BANDANA of James Hetfield (from Metallica ya know) Play
the-vocal-range-of-james-hetfield The vocal range of James Hetfield Play
james-hetfield-moments James Hetfield Moments Play
top-5-james-hetfield-riffs Top 5 James Hetfield Riffs Play
james-hetfield-gets-pissed-off-metallica-gets-pissed-off-unforgettable-james-hetfield-moments James Hetfield Gets Pissed off | Metallica Gets Pissed Off | Unforgettable James Hetfield Moments Play
metallica-s-lars-ulrich-says-his-relationship-with-james-hetfield-is-the-best-it-s-been METALLICA's LARS ULRICH Says His Relationship With JAMES HETFIELD Is 'The Best It's Been' Play
metallica-s-james-hetfield-ditched-instagram-after-trying-to-be-a-cool-dad Metallica's James Hetfield ditched Instagram after trying to be a cool dad Play
james-hetfield-funny-moments James Hetfield funny moments Play
coolest-james-hetfield-moment-he-just-plays Coolest James Hetfield Moment (He Just Plays!) Play
metallica-s-james-hetfield-gives-jason-newsted-some-stick-on-his-singing Metallica's James Hetfield Gives Jason Newsted Some Stick On His Singing Play
enter-sandman-james-hetfield-best-performance Enter sandman James Hetfield best performance Play
j-hetfield-own-voice-so-close-no-need-of-microphone J Hetfield own voice So close no need of microphone Play
james-hetfield-on-if-it-s-hard-to-stay-sober-while-touring James Hetfield On If It's Hard To Stay Sober While Touring Play
interview-with-metallica-s-james-hetfield-in-toronto-canada-2017 Interview with Metallica's James Hetfield in Toronto Canada (2017) Play
best-of-james-hetfield-funny-moments Best of James Hetfield (Funny Moments - Part 1) Play
james-hetfield-through-the-years James Hetfield Through The Years Play
james-hetfield James HETFIELD - Full Show at Acoustic 4 a Cure Play
metallica Metallica - Nothing Else Matters 2007 Live Video Full HD Play
james-hetfield-vs-kirk-hammett-as-it-must-be James Hetfield vs Kirk Hammett (as it MUST be) Play
james-hetfield-being-funny James Hetfield being funny Play
metallica-s-james-hetfield-talks-about-touring-in-the-80-s-with-emgtv Metallica's James Hetfield talks about touring in the 80's with EMGtv Play
corrosion-of-conformity-james-hetfield-seven-days-oakland Corrosion Of Conformity James Hetfield Seven Days Oakland Play
awesome-metallica-moments-with-james-hetfield-lars-ulrich-and-kirk-hammett Awesome Metallica Moments With James Hetfield Lars Ulrich And Kirk Hammett Play
sound-like-metallica Sound Like Metallica - Without Busting The Bank Play
metallica-the-raw-and-uncut-interview Metallica: The Raw and Uncut Interview - 1991 Play
how-to-be-james-hetfield How To Be James Hetfield Play
exclusive-full-interview-with-james-hetfield-on-his-tattoos EXCLUSIVE FULL Interview with James Hetfield on his tattoos Play
holy-wars-in-james-hetfield-style-impression Holy Wars in James Hetfield style (Impression) Play
james-hetfield-ill-almost-cancels-copenhagen-show James Hetfield ill almost cancels Copenhagen show - plays Moth Into Flame Metallica live Feb 2017 Play
anthrax-s-scott-ian-dave-mustaine-was-the-real-frontman-of-metallica Anthrax's Scott Ian: Dave Mustaine Was The REAL Frontman Of Metallica! Play
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