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fictionjunction FictionJunction - Hanamori no Oka 「花守の丘」[ English Sub ] Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Forest (LIVE 2014) Play
distance Distance - FictionJunction Play
eng-sub-fictionjunction [ENG SUB] FictionJunction - Kimi ga Ita Monogatari (2014 elemental tour live) Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Salva Nos (live) Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Houseki (traduccida) Play
晓之车-高达seed-日本动漫原声-南里郁香-fictionjunction-featuring-yuuka 晓之车(高达SEED)日本动漫原声 (南里郁香)FictionJunction featuring YUUKA Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Hanamori no Oka Play
yuki-kajiura-live Yuki Kajiura LIVE - In the land of twilight under the moon [Subbed]avi Play
暁の車-retracks-fictionjunction-yuuka-曉之車-retracks 暁の車 ~ReTracks FictionJunction YUUKA 曉之車 ~ReTracks Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Angel Gate Play
花守の丘-hanamori-no-oka-everlasting-songs-fictionjunction-kaori 花守の丘 Hanamori no Oka_Everlasting Songs (FictionJunction KAORI) Play
loveless-michiyuki Loveless- Michiyuki Play
fictionjunction-yuuka FictionJunction YUUKA - Silly-Go-Round Play
live-fictionjunction-yuuka-聖夜-seiya-eng-sub [Live] FictionJunction Yuuka ~ 聖夜 Seiya Eng Sub Play
yuki-kajiura Yuki Kajiura - Ensei Live Play
yuki-kajiura YUKI KAJIURA - HOUSEKI Play
synchronicity-fictionjunction-w-keiko Synchronicity (FictionJunction w/Keiko) Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Canta per me (2008 LIVE) Play
fictionjunction-wakana FictionJunction Wakana - Mizu no Akashi Play
yuki-kajiura Yuki Kajiura - A Song of Storm and Fire Live Play
時の向こう-幻の空-fictionjunction-pv 時の向こう 幻の空 / FictionJunction PV Play
yuki-kajiura Yuki Kajiura - Hoshikuzu (Stardust) Play
fictionjunction-club-sing-a-song FictionJunction Club Sing A Song Play
sound-horizon-and-fictionjunction Sound Horizon and Fictionjunction - Sajin no kanata e Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Hoshikuzu Play
eternal-blue-official-full-version Eternal Blue (official full version) - FictionJunction Play
fictionjunction-live-gin-no-hashi FictionJunction LIVE ~ Gin no Hashi ~ ! Play
kalafina-nowhere-madlax-live-カラフィナ-どこにも-madlaxライブ Kalafina- Nowhere MADLAX LIVE カラフィナ どこにも (MADLAXライブ) Play
yuki-kajiura Yuki Kajiura - Fake Wings Ensei and Mezame Play
yume-no-tsubasa Yume no Tsubasa - FictionJunction KAORI (Yuki Kajiura) (Traduccida) Play
yuki-kajiura Yuki Kajiura - Zodiacal Sign Play
nowhere ♪ nowhere Play
hanamori-no-oka Hanamori no Oka - FictionJunction KAORI Play
cynical-world-live-w-lyrics-fictionjunction-audio-only cynical world live w/ lyrics fictionjunction [audio only] Play
yume-no-tsubasa-yuki-kajiura-live-2008 Yume no Tsubasa Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2008 Play
live-keiko [Live] Keiko - 風の街へ Play
madlax-ost Madlax OST - Track 2 Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Key of the Twilight(Lyrics)(Subtitulo) Play
keiko-s-singing-parts-2 Keiko's singing parts (2) Play
fictionjunction-yuuka FictionJunction Yuuka - Silly-Go-Round Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Everlasting Songs Play
fictionjunction-asuka FictionJunction ASUKA - Everlasting Songs Play
image-theme-of-xenosaga-ii-fictionjunction-yuki-kajiura-live image theme of Xenosaga II FictionJunction Yuki Kajiura live Play
ひとりごと-fictionjunction-cover ひとりごと / FictionJunction (cover) Play
hack-roots-silly-go-round Hack Roots Silly Go Round Play
making-of-fictionjunction-yuuka-2days-special Making of FictionJunction YUUKA 2days Special Play
fictionjunction FictionJunction - Parallel Hearts Play
key-of-twilight-live-with-lyrics-fictionjunction-yuki-kajiura key of twilight live with lyrics FictionJunction Yuki Kajiura Play
gatherway gatherway - fictionjunctionwmv Play
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