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dj-trife-the-military-scratch-watch-and-learn DJ TRIFE | THE MILITARY SCRATCH | WATCH AND LEARN Play
scratch-transitions-presyce-watch-and-learn Scratch Transitions | PRESYCE | WATCH AND LEARN Play
dj-immortal-chirp-scratch-watch-and-learn DJ IMMORTAL | CHIRP SCRATCH | WATCH AND LEARN Play
dj-trife-routine-royale-scratch-dj-academy DJ Trife | Routine Royale | Scratch DJ Academy Play
dj-rob-swift-articulate-your-scratches-watch-and-learn DJ Rob Swift | Articulate Your Scratches | WATCH AND LEARN Play
dj-pauly-smallz-joe-cooley-scratch-watch-and-learn DJ Pauly Smallz | Joe Cooley Scratch | Watch and Learn Play
scratch-em-controladores Scratch em Controladores - Como fazer o Military Scratch Play
dj-dirty-digits-boomerang-scratch-watch-and-learn DJ Dirty Digits | Boomerang Scratch | WATCH AND LEARN Play
dj-dirty-digits-the-autobahn-scratch-watch-and-learn DJ Dirty Digits | The Autobahn Scratch | Watch and Learn Play
dj-ken-one-portable-scratch-tutorial Dj Ken-One Portable Scratch Tutorial - Ebi Military Scratch Combo Play
cours-de-scratch-military-scratch Cours de Scratch : Military scratch Play
dj-immortal-crab-scratch-watch-and-learn DJ IMMORTAL | CRAB SCRATCH | WATCH AND LEARN Play
the-military-scratch-one-of-the-first-combination-scratches The Military Scratch one of the first combination scratches Play
dj-dirty-digits-stab-scratch-watch-and-learn DJ DIRTY DIGITS | STAB SCRATCH | WATCH AND LEARN Play
dj-yamez-using-dicers-with-serato-live-watch-and-learn DJ Yamez | Using Dicers with Serato Live | Watch and Learn Play
practice-scratch-session-military-scratch Practice Scratch Session : Military Scratch Play
the-tugjob-scratch-dj-dirty-digits-watch-and-learn The TUGJOB Scratch | DJ DIRTY DIGITS | WATCH AND LEARN Play
dj-immortal-drumming-watch-and-learn DJ IMMORTAL | DRUMMING | WATCH AND LEARN Play
how-to-echo-scratch-dj-dirty-digits-watch-and-learn How to Echo Scratch | DJ Dirty Digits | Watch and Learn Play
scratch-dj-technique Scratch DJ Technique - Military Play
dj-dirty-digits-aquaman-scratch-watch-and-learn DJ Dirty Digits | Aquaman Scratch | Watch And Learn Play
how-to-orbit-scratch-dj-dirty-digits-watch-and-learn How to Orbit Scratch | DJ Dirty Digits | Watch And Learn Play
learn-how-to-scratch-the-stab-scratch-tutorial-6 Learn How to Scratch: The Stab Scratch (Tutorial 6) Play
dj-bounce-phrase-mixing-watch-and-learn DJ BOUNCE | PHRASE MIXING | WATCH AND LEARN Play
dj-dirty-digits-i-swing-flare-i-watch-and-learn DJ Dirty Digits I Swing Flare I Watch and Learn Play
drill-scratch-tutorial-on-numark-pt01-scratch-by-dj-colossus Drill Scratch Tutorial On Numark PT01 Scratch By Dj Colossus - Scratch Tutorial Play
dj-excess-chirp-flare-scratch-combo DJ Excess: Chirp/Flare Scratch Combo Play
lesson-4 Lesson 4 - The Military Scratch Play
transformer-scratch-tips Transformer Scratch Tips Play
uniiqu3-party-wave-scratch-dj-academy UNIIQU3 | Party Wave | Scratch DJ Academy Play
dj-shakee-manual-looping DJ SHAKEE | MANUAL LOOPING - DOUBLES | WATCH AND LEARN Play
hydroplane-scratch Hydroplane Scratch Play
dj-rob-swift-explains-the-crab-scratch DJ Rob Swift explains the "Crab" scratch Play
the-joe-cooley-scratch The Joe Cooley Scratch Play
military-scratch-2001 Military Scratch (2001) - Turntablism972com Play
dj-excess-the-flare-scratch DJ Excess: The Flare Scratch Play
scratch-dj-academy-s-tj-mizell-on-fox-news Scratch DJ Academy's TJ Mizell on Fox News Play
the-echo-scratch The Echo Scratch Play
dj-qbert-marche-scratch-tutorial dj qbert marche scratch tutorial Play
scratch-tutorial-2-chirp-scratch Scratch tutorial 2 CHIRP SCRATCH Play
dj-trife-2011-dmc-us-new-york-regional-final-round DJ Trife || 2011 DMC US New York Regional [Final Round] Play
rubbing-records-with-dj-rob-riggs Rubbing Records with DJ Rob Riggs - Episode 5 Play
how-to-dj How To DJ - Part 2 Play
djcity-scratch-combo-of-the-month-episode-22 DJcity Scratch Combo of the Month: Episode 22 - May 2017 Play
dj-three-sixtee-808-audio-x-made-from-scratch DJ Three Sixtee | 808 Audio X Made From Scratch Play
baby-scratch-swing-tutorial-720p Baby Scratch Swing Tutorial (720P) Play
boomerang-scratch-tutorial Boomerang Scratch Tutorial Play
michna-prepares-his-diplo-and-friends-mix-for-bbc-radio-1-on-1-scratch-dj-academy Michna prepares his Diplo and Friends mix for BBC Radio | 1 on 1 | Scratch DJ Academy Play
happy-veterans-day Happy Veterans Day - The Military Scratch Play
scratch-dj-technique Scratch DJ Technique - Reverse OG Flare Play
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