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dj-taka-quaver dj TAKA quaver♪ Play
v-conclusion V (conclusion) - DJ TAKA Play
59 59 - DJ Taka Play
colors-original-mix Colors (Original Mix) - dj TAKA Play
absolute ABSOLUTE - dj TAKA Play
dj-taka-quaver dj TAKA ● quaver♪ Play
maria-and-dj-jerry MARIA and DJ JERRY - OBICHAY ME TAKA / Мария и DJ Джери Play
videoclip-centollito-y-dj-pascual-tuku-taka-mix-nuevo-cd-2013-by-ytata VIDEOCLIP CENTOLLITO Y DJ PASCUAL TUKU TAKA-MIX NUEVO CD 2013 by ytata Play
dj-taka-bee-ft-mc-prophet-all-fi-dem-mixtape-march-2017 Dj Taka Bee ft MC Prophet All fi dem mixtape March 2017 Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - Abyss (HQ) Play
dj-taka-wcbbg-crew-g-funk DJ TAKA(WCBBG-CREW) G-Funk Play
taka-taka-dj-juancho-2016 TAKA TAKA DJ JUANCHO 2016 Play
dj-taka dj Taka - Colors (for Extreme) [Full Version] {HD} Play
jubeat-saucer-x-reflec-beat-colette-zz-djamuro-dj-taka-full-version 【Jubeat saucer x Reflec Beat colette】ZZ / DJAmuro (dj TAKA) Full Version Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - Colors (for EXTREME) [HQ] Play
dj-taka-wcbbg-crew-g-funk-4k DJ TAKA(WCBBG-CREW) G-Funk 4K Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - ΕΛΠΙΣ Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - AA Play
dj-pascual-tuku-taka-2018-la-rumba-que-no-pare DJ PASCUAL TUKU TAKA 2018 LA RUMBA QUE NO PARE Play
abyss Abyss - DJ Taka Play
ddr-kakumei [DDR] Kakumei - dj TAKA with Naoki Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - Quickening Play
dj-taka-vs-ryu dj TAKA vs Ryu☆ - Blue Rain「LONG」 Play
remo-con-vs-dj-taka Remo-con vs dj TAKA - GOLDEN CROSS (extended remix) Play
hhh-mm-st HHH×MM×ST - 朧 (dj TAKA Remix) Play
colors-inphase-mix-by-dj-taka Colors -InPhase Mix- by dj TAKA Play
absolute Absolute - DJ Taka Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - 「ABSOLUTE」 {2007} Play
v-beatmania-iidx-dj-taka V (Beatmania IIDX) /dj TAKA Play
dj-taka dj Taka - Absolute (Full Version) {HD} Play
dj-remo-con-vs-dj-taka dj REMO CON VS dj TAKA - GOLDEN CROSS Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - 59 (HQ) Play
epilogue-dj-taka-feat-sana [EPILOGUE] dj taka feat Sana - fellows Play
092-supa-g 092-Supa G - Taka Taka Play
dj-taka dj Taka - Liberation Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - Tomorrow Perfume「LONG」 Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - Quickening (HQ) Play
m M - Dj Taka [Sonido de Stepmania]【DL】 Play
quickening Quickening - dj TAKA Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - snow storm Play
kinanglan-taka-remix-by-dj-jayr-requested-to-karen-ft-ilonggo-pride KiNANGLAN TAKA Remix By DJ JayR (Requested To "KAREN") Ft ILONGGO PRIDE Play
v-conclusion-dj-taka V (Conclusion)-DJ TAKA Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - rainbow flyer (HQ) Play
dj-taka dj Taka - Frozen Ray (for Extreme) [Full Version] {HD} Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - Tomorrow Perfume (HQ) Play
old-dj-taka (OLD) dj TAKA - quaver♪ Piano Arrangement Play
dj-taka-feat-aimee dj TAKA feat AiMEE - True Blue Play
dj-taka dj TAKA - Last Dance (extend vocal ver ) Play
dj-taka-with-naoki dj TAKA with NAOKI - KAKUMEI (HQ) Play
dj-taka-feat-tomomi DJ Taka feat Tomomi - Pandora Play
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